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Why Time’s Person of the Year 2017 is So Significant

On Wednesday Time Magazine announced the 2017 person of the year, it was The Silence Breakers.  They started the conversation this year that has led to so many uncovered truths about sexual assault and harassment, and their stories are echoing around the world.  Hundreds of thousands of women and men have begun to speak up, sharing their own experiences, empathizing and supporting one another, and refusing to let their voices be silent again.  Guess what?  The world is finally listening.

This is a huge win in our eyes because people are finally starting the conversation on a global scale, and everyone who has a social media account or reads/watches the news is seeing it.  Now that people are shedding light on their own personal stories, we can finally address on a large scale what needs to happen to ensure a world free from sexual harassment and abuse.

We believe that doing our part is to support this movement by speaking out on the harmful impacts of sexual exploitation and pornography, as many of the people who have raised their voice this year have been involved in the porn industry.  We believe that pornography is degrading, dehumanizing, and continues a culture of abuse and power over others, and we will never stop taking a stand against it.

We hear you all, saying #MeToo, we acknowledge the pain you have experienced, and we are standing with you through it all.  Thank you to all who have broken the silence, and continue to break down barriers and keep the conversation alive, you are the ones who are going to change the world.

Time has shown given a platform to keep the conversation going and promote real change so we no longer have to see suffering from these abuses.  Let’s finish what we started together, will you join us in spreading the word on the harmful impacts of pornography and sexual exploitation?  Will you continue to stand with us?  Share your stories, thoughts, concerns, ideas, let’s make real change.