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Reflections on 2017

Here we are on our last day of 2017 preparing to spend the evening with friends and family, people we love.  What a year 2017 has been!  This year will be remembered as a year people spoke out, against corruption, abuse of power, and sexual exploitation.

Many, many women and men came out and shared their stories of abuse and sexual violence, on a whole spectrum of diverse backgrounds.  We are grateful to those who were brave enough to share their stories and take a stand to promote social change.  Because of you, a conversation has been started, because of you, we are talking about this.

My hope going into 2018 is that we remember these stories.  Today is a day to reflect on what the past year has meant to all of us individually, and also on a whole.  Who will we be in 2018?  Will we continue to break the silence and start conversations surrounding topics such as sexual exploitation and assault?  Will we continue to stand for the millions of women, men, and children who have suffered from these harms, and will we work to prevent future generations suffering anymore?

I hope 2017 will be remembered as a catalyst year for hard conversations, truths revealed, and change beginning to make its way.  Make room 2018, you have a movement with power and force headed your way; a movement for love.