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May the Force of Love Be With You

First off just let me say thank you for opening this blog post and reading this far, your dedication means the world.

Tonight all over the globe Star Wars fans will be packing into movie theaters to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we are more than a little excited.  We wanted to take a few moments to geek out with you, but also to share some thoughts on our movement for love and it’s correlations with “The Force.”

The Jedi are given a unique gift, the ability to use The Force.  The use of this allows them to see into the future, move or manipulate physical objects, and influence others minds.  They teach their younglings that the force allots them protection, persuasion, and wisdom, and with the use of this great power, they do indeed have great responsibility (again, sorry).  But where there is light, there is darkness.  Dark users of the force sought power and control over others, and were often willing to sacrifice everything to gain just that.  They harmed even their dearest loved ones, and did not look back when they took the very life of someone they never even knew.  Dark users of the force took on many personas from The Sith to The Knights of Ren, and were always after one thing.

The code of The Sith is as follows:  “Peace is a lie.  There is only Passion.  Through Passion I gain Strength.  Through Strength I gain Power.  Through Power I gain Victory.  Through Victory my chains are Broken.  The Force shall free me.”  Sounds very intense right?  It’s also so focused on personal gain, even at the expense of everything good.

There are people in this world who blindly and unknowingly follow this mantra.  They harm others for personal gain, power, victory…  And every minute we spend in silence about these issues is more damage done, more pain to someone’s life, more hurt, more loss, more suffering.  We live in a culture that teaches instant gratification at the expense of someone’s health and happiness is okay.  Do what you have to do to make yourself happy and enhance your life.  Watch porn that contains violence and harm being done to another human being.  Buy young girls and boys for sex.  Disrespect women because it makes you feel powerful…

But we can change this together.  We can use our unique voice, our Force, for love.  We can choose to say no to an industry that harms millions of people around the world every day.  We can be better.  We can learn that we too have a force, and though we may not be able to make objects fly across the room, we do have the ability to influence others thoughts and feelings.  We can choose to empower instead of objectify, to build up instead of tear down.  Will you join us as we continue to be a force for love, goodness, hope, and change?  We need everyone we can to take a stand in order to reckon this, because we are so much stronger together.

We hope The Last Jedi is incredible, and that it really makes you inspired to live as a force for love, for change.