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Unifying the World in Opposition to Pornography and Sexual Exploitation

Join Us In A Movement For Love

We live in an isolated society.  Everywhere you look people are on phones, computers, have headphones in, etc… You’ve heard it a thousand times by now, look up from your phone, engage more outside of technology, our smartphones are making us dumber.  You know that spiel by now.

Here at Diamond Heart, we do not exist to remind you to get off your phone; we want to encourage you to engage with loved ones.  We believe relationships are really important, in all of our lives.  We all need the opportunity to love and be loved.  Sometimes that means we need to take a break from our technology to engage with those in the same room as us.  Sometimes we need to pick up the phone and call a friend, or perhaps write an encouraging message on Facebook.  We also would not be the fun-loving society we are without funny animal videos right?  The point is we know technology can be used for good, but also for bad.  Some people struggle with using technology too much or for the wrong reasons, such as searching for people to pay for sex with, or using pornography.  Many pornography films are illegally produced featuring people who are victims of sex trafficking, children being abused, and grotesque violence toward women that is not always consensual.

We need to recognize these things and call them what they are:  harmful, abusive, and sometimes illegal.  Any violence against women should not be condoned, children should be protected, and people should not be treated as objects.  Many of us agree with these points and often want to see a change, but we don’t always know how to help.  This isn’t exactly a comfortable subject to discuss at family dinner, and it’s not always easy to ask hard questions to those we love.  That’s why we believe in the power of The Diamond Heart Symbol.  What it stands for is everything that pornography, sexual abuse, sex trafficking and all forms of exploitation are not:  Health, Strength, Purity, and Love.  When you see a Diamond Heart, these are the things we hope you remember!  That there is a strength to overcome these harms, love for all of us, purity in overcoming, and health standards we must begin to implement.  We hope that The Diamond Heart can be a symbol of good, and give you an opportunity to take a stand for this important cause!  Will you join us in this movement?  Will you choose to use technology for good?  Will you encourage others to take a stand with you and everyone else who is opposed to these harms?  Share the Diamond Heart with the world, and help us to popularize this cause that is a movement for love in a hate and harm-filled world.