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Unifying the World in Opposition to Pornography and Sexual Exploitation

XXX Is Exploitation

Pornography is exploitation. It is often violent, degrading, and unjust. Be part of the solution and let the world know where you stand! #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove

Are You Monitoring Your Teens Devices?

Are you aware of what your teens are doing online? There is a dark world on the internet that goes beyond “curiosity”. It can be detrimental to the health of our teens. #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove

Porn In The School Systems

Schools should be a safe place for children, not one where they have the potential to face sexual exploitation. There is no excuse for this, and we must come together to make changes. #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove

Be The Light

We must not allow darkness to reign in lives of people who have become victims of sexual exploitation. How can you be a light? #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove

Something To Stand For

When you think of any cause for action, there is always a symbol tied to it to make it more recognizable. For breast cancer awareness we have the pink ribbon. If we are supporting the troops, we hang yellow ribbons. When we need batman we throw a giant light in the sky with the bat symbol on it. The rainbow in support of the LGBTQ community is a symbol that has grown in recognition over the last decade. Even symbols we see every day on bathroom doors, recycling, and a sign pointing us to the nearest hospital help to direct us and to remind us of the right thing to do. Symbols can not only represent a cause worth fighting for, but they can become commonplace in our society to remind us of the correct course of action. Continue reading

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So, What’s the Issue?

It is difficult to accept that slavery is alive today in the world, let alone here in the United States. Unfortunately, human trafficking is a hundred billion dollar industry that continues to grow. Not only that, but the most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Continue reading