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May the Force of Love Be With You

First off just let me say thank you for opening this blog post and reading this far, your dedication means the world.

Tonight all over the globe Star Wars fans will be packing into movie theaters to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we are more than a little excited.  We wanted to take a few moments to geek out with you, but also to share some thoughts on our movement for love and it’s correlations with “The Force.” Continue reading

Why Time’s Person of the Year 2017 is So Significant

On Wednesday Time Magazine announced the 2017 person of the year, it was The Silence Breakers.  They started the conversation this year that has led to so many uncovered truths about sexual assault and harassment, and their stories are echoing around the world.  Hundreds of thousands of women and men have begun to speak up, sharing their own experiences, empathizing and supporting one another, and refusing to let their voices be silent again.  Guess what?  The world is finally listening. Continue reading

Join Us In A Movement For Love

We live in an isolated society.  Everywhere you look people are on phones, computers, have headphones in, etc… You’ve heard it a thousand times by now, look up from your phone, engage more outside of technology, our smartphones are making us dumber.  You know that spiel by now. Continue reading

Porn & Sexual Exploitation

Porn and Sexual Exploitation


Pornography is, in many cultures, a very accepted form of entertainment, and has become accepted as well as normalized in some people’s lives. There are general negative connotations of porn that many people hold, such as the objectification of women, but ask someone that watches porn on the regular, and they will tell you that it doesn’t have a negative impact on their life or perhaps it is an artistic expression. They may even defend their viewing by saying it helps them satisfy sexual urges in a healthy way. Continue reading

Never Stop Loving

In a world that teaches us to objectify, judge and even hate, never stop loving. Love is what will keep us moving forward. #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove

XXX Is Exploitation

Pornography is exploitation. It is often violent, degrading, and unjust. Be part of the solution and let the world know where you stand! #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove

Are You Monitoring Your Teens Devices?

Are you aware of what your teens are doing online? There is a dark world on the internet that goes beyond “curiosity”. It can be detrimental to the health of our teens. #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove

Porn In The School Systems

Schools should be a safe place for children, not one where they have the potential to face sexual exploitation. There is no excuse for this, and we must come together to make changes. #unitetheplanet #diamondheart #antiporn #prolove #standtogether #clubofhearts #healthstrengthpuritylove